Monday, July 20, 2009

400th Post

Although 400 posts is not a lot within a span of 4 years, i think it is still kind of cool. I remember starting my blog when i started my university life. Why i remember when i started the blog? Not because i look back in my archive, but rather i remember i got my dad to bought me a Samsung clam phone, which i lost early in the semester and blogged about it. How time flies, it has been 4 years and i have graduated from university. But looking back, it sucks while studying Electrical Engineering in NUS, so stressful. It is a kind of a small miracle how i managed to drive through the 4 years and still graduate with a second lower class honors.

I am still feeling rather lazy in uploading the rest of my graduation photos, i think i'll probably do it this coming week since i have finally stop working for my dad in preparation for my teaching job. This week will be my shopping week! I have to get my working clothes and probably something more stylish to add to my otherwise rather disastrous wardrobe.

O well... end of 4 years in my university, confirm must be grateful to my parents for providing me the financial means to go through my 4 years of study. Even though i might be pissed at my parents at times, i know they still care for me and have done their very best to provide for me.

- Me and my parents

Like what my dad said, my ATM function is finally in operation, or maybe in another few months because my first pay day is in Sept!


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i don;t remember how many i had posted lo..

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