Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My convocation is finally over! It was a rather boring ceremony and lots of waiting. I think i was quite high that day because i have officially graduated and like taking photos with my friends (despite i think my face was so oily that light literally reflects off my face). The crowd was a killer as usual, but photos from the commencement, courtesy of Eric who brought his camera.

Thanks to all my friends who came, Eric, Zhoujing and Sini. And to Ailian and Cailing who congrats me for my commencement hah.

Me and Sini.

Me and Zhoujing.

Me and Eric.

I have not uploaded the photos i took with my exchange friends, so probably will post them in a later post. Also went to school to some graduation photos with my friend yesterday, with his friend as our photographer. Hopefully i will get some decent photos because apparently i was told that when i smile, i look rather aunty! */rolleyes*

Anyway hopefully this will be my last week of work at my dad's place, a week break followed by the start of my contract teaching. Up till now i have not receive my school posting yet, probably too many teachers for MOE to post. I read in the newspaper today that MOE has already recruited pass their quota for teachers for 2009 last month, which kind of true that during recession a lot of people really apply for teaching. But how many of this numbers actually stay on after the recession is a question. I do hope that after my contract teaching i would actually like teaching and would stay on.

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