Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tomorrow is my graduation - July 10th

After 4 years of mostly unhappy time in NUS, i finally managed to graduate with a second lower honors in Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. There are a lot of reasons on why i was mostly unhappy during this period of time which i may or may not have blog about previously, but i am just glad it is finally over. The months and years ahead may or may not be smooth, but i know that at least it is the path that i wish to walk in. Whether i walk away or continue down this path, at least i have tried and have the answers to my doubts.

Some says that the end is the start of new beginnings and i kind of agree. Because to me, apparently once each phase of my life ends, the amount of ties brought forward seems to be really limited. Even though the experiences follow me and guide me in my further endeavors, the amount of lost friendship often made me ponder on my actions and behaviors.

At this crossroad of my life, i seek to understand my life thus far. If anything i need to know, is that despite how i am unhappy with certain aspects of my life, i probably have more blessings than the average person and i do know that i need to cherish these blessings. As i hope for clearer sky and a safe harbour in my working life, i am thankful for what i have been through and for the people around me. Viva la vida!

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