Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The flaws of man

During my spare time i have been watching documentaries about the rise and fall of Rome and history of Britannia. Coupled with my few weeks of teaching in school, somehow i came to observe certain flaws of man.

Firstly, the resultant force of a group of people is not the summation of the individual forces of the people inside. A group has the energy to booster one confidence to do something that he/she might not dare to do as an individual, which may not necessarily be good. Of course team work is beneficial, but rioting as a group is truly hard to handle. This applies to students too, because a class of 40 has the power to bully the lone teacher, but if the class is reduced to maybe a class of 10, the class is like a tiger with decaying teeth and could hardly bite. Thus, the flaw of man is when man gather, it serves as a double-edged sword.

Secondly, society on the whole is irreconcilable. The elites will never forgone their power and influence so that the poor will a better life. And the poor will remain poor because they have no capital to earn more money, and the elites would probably come up with some reasons to justify why the poor remain poor. Moreover, every groups of people has their own interests and to align their interests such that it could possibly become a common interest is truly impossible. It is kind of just like how teachers think that students are getting worse these days, while students think that teachers are so boring and full of crap (generalizing and stereotyping which may or may not necessary be true).

Lastly, man probably has the eyes for the best and the worst, often overlooking the ordinary. We want the best, so we look out for the best. In our search for the best, we know the worst so that we can avoid them. Ordinary means normal, which is often equates to not good enough. Why am i ranting about such random stuffs? Because today in class i realize that i only notice the 'famous' students, be it for the good or bad reasons. But the point is, when i tell this to anyone, most of them will tell me it is normal. Which made me think, what is normal? Normal to overlook the normal people? Or is it normal to overlook the ordinary students just because they are not out to give you any trouble.

Weird thinking on my part, not to mention rather lousy English i reckon, but my mind is not functioning properly at the moment. I think i should blog more about my experiences and my thoughts in school.

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