Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today is my first day and first time doing exam invigilation. This week is the common test week for secondary 1 to 3, which kind of reminded me of my times doing tests and exams in school. Exams were always boring for me, largely due to me being able to finish the paper before the allocated time. This resulted in lots of waiting and being a rather impatient boy back then, waiting is really a chore. Until i got into university, the exams were normally less boring, because more often than not, i do the paper until the end of the given time, and probably still got 20% of the questions blank.

Giving exam instructions to the students have been the topic between all the contract teachers, because most of us just came out from university, so we tend to recap the instructions given during our exams and tell them to the students. This kind of made me try to remember what i was told during my own secondary school exams, which obviously i cannot recall as well. But i guess the essences of what is being said should be similar.

Other than the boredom of doing exams, i can't really remember how my test or exam schedule went. The subjects which i am taking, physics and maths are all on Friday, which means that even though i might be slack for the next two days, i have no paper to mark, which kind of suck because i might actually need to use my weekend to mark (if i need to mark that is). At far as possible, now i am still trying not to bring work back, which i have been successful thus far.