Saturday, August 22, 2009

True Blood

I have been watching this drama True Blood from HBO for quite a while now. Now it is into it's second season and 9th episode. True blood is a vampire themed drama, but it is not twilight styled vampire themed where a big chuck of the story is for teenage girls to go gaga over how good looking is the male vampires.

True blood talks about an alternate reality, where vampires exist in our society and co-existing around humans in the open. The show encompasses political aspect, where vampires are trying to fight for their rights in the society, much to the dismay and rejections of the churches because of the nature of vampire, which is thought to be an evil being. Apart from the political struggle, romance is an essential part of every story, so obviously the story of a forbidden love between a vampire and human is touch upon. Well, inside the show even vampires and humans are allowed to get married, so not exactly forbidden but frown upon by many people. There are also shape shifters who can transform into any animals he set their eyes on. Currently, the story also focus on a mysterious character, who seems to bring out the inner desire of human, especially the sexually component.

The story is set in the town of Louisiana in the United States and apparently all the characters who are locals talk with a funny accent. The show is getting quite interesting because of the mysterious character and a possible all out war between the vampires and the church. I'll leave behind the True blood opening credit, which i found to be rather weird.


Eric Tan said...

That mysterious character is a Maenad! An ancient being that brings chaos, anarchy, cannibalism, gross black-eyed orgies and all sorts of baaad things. Interesting that it is immortal just because it thinks it is.

Anyway season two is shaping up to be a REALLY good season. I often wonder how the show's producers are going to top themselves for the next season.

BTW, I luurrve their accents! Especially how Tara pronounces 'baaaad'. lol

Ta|x|aNg said...

this shows that being delusional too long can be a good thing! provided you can be delusional for centuries.