Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Been lazy to update my blog, simply because i have been rather busy (or rather not as slack as before) at work. Teaching is not easy, but it is not impossible either. Basically these few months have been for me to adapt not only to working life, but apparently for me to understand new concepts, concepts that i thought i knew but apparently i don't.

After weeks of slacking at home during the weekends, i have decided to venture out and do stuff during weekends. Be it exercising or even meeting up with friends to hang out or do stuff, going out is simply a ritual, a ritual of life and i am trying to live it. With new experiences, i have been rather confused, confused about my ideology and my predictions. I thought i knew my path, but apparently things came up and threw me off my direction. The frustration felt familiar, like i have experienced it before. However, as much as i wanted to just let the confusion pass and ignore it, some part of me would rather the situation will turn out differently. Because sometime, the things you want maybe only be the things you want on the surface and vice versa.

Talking about teaching, it is not just about passing on knowledge, but like the new moto of teachers, to lead to care to inspire. Sounds familiar to me, much like the moto of OCS where it's to lead to excel to overcome. Basically the moto will outline the requirement of the job, which means i am suppose to motivate the students and care for them. Being a Gen Y (or X i am not exactly sure), we are a generation of selfish and self-centered individuals, i am not sure how much concern i can show to the students. Probably i am more interested in their gossip or something, but anyway this post is not about my teaching life.

This post is more about distractions, distractions that pull you away from your original direction. For me, this time the distraction is motivation, motivation to change, to change my current state of life. To no longer treat everything as simple and normal, but rather appreciate the small things in life. Because what else can i do when i am just ordinary, ordinary enough so that nothing spectacular will happen to me, or i hope so. Deep down, i do not know if i would want something spectacular to happen to me, because i did have a small taste of something that is spectacular to me and i must confess i do not know how to handle it to my biggest advantage. For now, my action will be just like a predator, just watch and wait before deciding on my next course of action.

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