Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today in history of my life, 15/10/09

I have decided to pen down events or happenings that should be marked in my life calendar simply because it's ichiban (first) or memorable enough, at least to disclose to the public audience.

So today in history, is my first invigilation briefing for national exams, which is the upcoming O' levels. I will be still staying in my own school, assigned to invigilate the isolation room which is to house any sick students but can still continue with their exam. Teachers from 3 other schools were there also, words were exchange and gossip started among us. Seriously teachers can be like students too.

Today, after finish marking some sec 1 physic exam scripts, i got the sec 2 physic scripts today and i must say that it is easy to mark. Easy to mark because i just draw a cross and give 0 simply because so many questions were not attempted.

Today in history, i thought to myself, that i am glad that i have learn to adapt to situation and condition, but i am not sure myself if that is a good thing, because i can potentially lose my interest in a few days. Well... not entirely lose the interest, but more like i do not care whether it happens or not. Maybe happy that things happen, but will not be unhappy just because things do not happen.

And last today, it's tgiaf which is thank god it's almost Friday. Although i am not that religious and monotheistic.

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