Monday, January 11, 2010

The start of a new year

Just a decade ago, i was taking my O' level. At the turn of the new decade, i am in NIE (National Institute of Education) training to teach at secondary level. I have not been talking much about my teaching experience in my blog, but i guess now since i am in NIE, i could probably post some reflections about what i have learned.

Today is my first day of class, 2 hours in Educational Psychology, which is supposed to teach us about the learning process and how students learn. One of the articles that i have to read so far is about thinking positively. Plainly speaking, it is about whether the cup is half-filled or half empty. In this article, i found some rather encouraging and interesting food for thoughts.

"whoever retains the capacity to appreciate beauty will never grow old"

"beauty and ugliness as such do not exist, rather it is our thoughts and attitudes that make something beautiful or ugly"

"we should not use up all our energy in trying to change those aspects of our lives that cannot be altered but rather work hard to change our attitude to them"

At the start of this new decade, i just hope that i can too think more positively about life. I need to clearly sort out what is required and what is wanted.

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