Friday, January 15, 2010

More on Thinking Positively

A paragraph from the Thinking Positively article that i was reading previously:

"We live in a world full of sceptics and cynics. They consider themselves to be particularly realistic and do all they can to highlight the wickedness and moral dishonesty that they think are the natural essence of man. They are convinced that every act of generosity and kindness has an ulterior motive and that nobody does anything unless he gets something in return. It is much easier to become cynical and critical in negative situations than to act and fight to improve things"

It's a food for thought, which i have to admit that i am guilty of becoming one. I believe that i am a clear cut pragmatic person, which is as a result of the Singaporean culture that we cannot be complacent and must be competitive. I used to think that such way is just being shrewd, but i guess i am second guessing my thinking now. The reason being after travelling around for a while, i can understand the need for being so suspicious, but yet at the same time i found true kindness and friendliness.

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