Thursday, May 11, 2006


Ever see or hear some stuff that people said or wrote that you do not understand? I'm not saying things that are so call chim but rather things that people came up with and use frequently especially over the internet or in our daily life. I guess this is common in translation between languages too. How i came up with this thought is through my daily source of reading blog entertainment and came across this phase come out of the closet. Sure i know what it means, but i'm rather curious on how it came about. I'm sure that i only know this phase for a short time and but forgot how i knew the meaning.

Then this lead me to remember about the symbol <3. Do you know what it stands for? I have also forgotten how i know what is it's meaning or rather i guess i know what it stands for. So how does all these things came about? Short forms like lol or rofl or even imao just express laughter, but how does these short forms come about? Why cant it be like roil (roaring out in laughter) or bol (burst out laughter) etc, i remember back in the days when i was playing daoc, the game guide even show some of this so call internet language. So does these started from online game where sometime expressions cant be put into words so you have to create new forms of expression to let people know how you feel?

I guess the most amazing part of this is the usage of simple words to form an expression that is totally different in meaning. So have anyone come out from under your bed?

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