Thursday, May 11, 2006

Open your mouth

Ever wonder how hard is it to open your mouth? I am not saying open your mouth to eat or what but rather open your mouth to say something, be it whether a simple thank you or even some hurtful words. Some words seem easier to say while some apparently look normal but not easy at all. Some people call this courage to say things like i love you or stupid when you said the wrong things. So maybe these are like catalysts that lower your energy levels so you will say what you want?

So what exactly are these kind of catalysts? Some examples seem to be like conservation topics, interests, people or maybe the environment. Certainly there are things you will not tell some people and some incidents will trigger you to say certain things... which i would call impulse. However, have you ever feel speechless or rather unable to really stand what you truly want to say? I would compare this to probably like jumping off a building or even to do something daring. Like in the case of jumping off a building, it takes just a simple step, something that we do everyday, but yet you need immerse amount of either courage or well stupidness to achieve it. So can i compare communication to this example? Basically you just need to accept the consequences that come with what you say.

Things like arguments are really situation that are very sticky to get into. Personally i have experienced situation in which i just need to keep quiet and the matter will pass by but i have the impulse to refute. After this everything has to move so fast so that you can come up with the answers fast enough. But there are times when you want to say something but you realise that no signal is send to your brain to command your mouth to say it out. So, i wonder is the process more scary or the consequences more scary. Some people say that you dont know the result if you dont try but between results and efforts which actually come first? You put in the efforts then see the results or do you foresee the results then decide on the efforts? So how hard is it to say?

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