Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Been a long time since i actually use a CRT monitor and i can really say that it is really bad for your eyes. The brightness emitted is really bad (and to mention that the brightness adjusting button is kind of spolit) and my eyes just hurt from prolonged usage of it. After 2 days of work i finally finished 18 books of accounts (well not really 2 days since i only work a few hours a day... :p) and not sure how many more to go.

So i might need to find another job if i finish this tasks but i'm just so lazy to do it! In fact i am just so lazy to do anything now... :/ I dont even feel like playing wow anymore and just want to sleep eat and watch dramas. WoW is officially a burden now with so much soap drama inside my guild.

And please someone stop me from keep retreating into my cave and hibernate.......

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